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The Vatican must open all its Holocaust era files

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The ADL is making an important plea that you can find here, and sign onto here.

I wrote the ADL this note on why I cannot sign:

“I unfortunately cannot sign this letter. I nonetheless support your efforts to open Holocaust-era baptismal records. The particular language I cannot agree to is, ‘It is possible that tens of thousands of rescued and baptized Jewish children have been kept from knowing their true origins and the possibility of returning to their original faith.’

“This conveys the view that our intent would be to return people who have been Catholics for many decades back to Judaism. While such a result would be an incredible mitzvah, I do not think it should be a part of our message. It is not a hope that can be embraced by the Catholics we are petitioning.

“We should focus on the fact that revealing the truth contained in these records would help atone for their concealment, help repair Jewish-Catholic relations, and most of all show the world how many people the Vatican saved from the horrors of the Shoah. We must reinforce that while we do not condone hidden conversion of Jewish children, saving a Jewish life is such a tremendous mitzvah that it will always remain the primary focus of the Vatican’s actions in this regard.

“By focusing on the aspects of this issue that are mutually seen as positive, we have the best hope of enlisting our Catholic friends in the discovery of truth.”

Of course, you can write the Vatican on your own at:

Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran,


Archivo Segreto Vaticano

00120 – Città del Vaticano

Vatican City

Letters should be marked LETTER AIRMAIL/PAR AVION and have at least 80 cents postage.


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Tuesday, January 25, 2005 at 1:05 pm

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