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Israel’s Supreme Court protects Israeli Democracy

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People everywhere do bad things.  Jews and Israelis are not immune from the ordinary misconduct that plagues  all peoples.  What a civil and democratic society, however, will do to remedy this problem is provide multiple layers of protection against such misconduct.

Israel’s military and prosecutorial establishments already do much to investigate and prosecute official misconduct by Israel’s military forces.  However, Israel, probably more than any other nation in the world, allows for searching judicial review when the administrative safeguards fail.

In this recent case, a soldier fired a rubber bullet at a bound prisoner.  There is no excuse for such conduct and any person doing such a thing, as well as those who enable it, must be punished.

The soldier was already being charged for his actions.  However, Israel’s judiciary found such charges to be insufficient and demanded that he be charged more seriously.  This, even though the victim was a Palestinian Arab and the conduct took place in a military setting.

From the JTA:

Israel’s Supreme Court ordered the military prosecutor to file more serious charges against an officer and a soldier who shot a bound Palestinian.

The court’s ruling Wednesday came in response to a petition filed by the Palestinian victim and four human rights organizations, which said that the charge of improper conduct was not commensurate with “the gravity of the acts.”

via Israel’s Supreme Court orders harsher sentence | JTA – Jewish & Israel News.


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