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Who will boycott this?

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FASEBAnti-Israel boycotts would be humorous if they were not a leading indicator of rising antisemitism in certain quarters.  The reason, of course, is that no one is seriously interested in boycotting the most productive and dynamic sectors of Israel’s economy.  Dead Sea products might be a visible symbol of Israel, but they represent very few jobs and a small export.

Israel’s major commerce is high tech – ranging from medical devices to pharmaceuticals to cell phone technologies to cutting edge software to …

Here is the latest:

Tel Aviv University researchers claim to have developed an experimental drug used in a polymer delivery system that may make it possible someday to prevent cancer or turn malignant tumors into a chronic disease with which one could live for years.

via TAU: cancer drug ‘breakthrough’ at JPost.

The reason Israel boycotts are doomed to fail is that no one wants to turn away from such incredible progress.  Who, after all, would refuse a cancer treatment because it was developed in Israel?

Read the nerdy stuff on this breakthrough at The FASEB Journal, ‘Applications of the human p53 knock-in (Hupki) mouse model for human carcinogen testing’.


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