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State Sen. McCoy goes after Mickelson’s pocketbook.

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Sen. Matt McCoy

Sen. Matt McCoy

It looks like my chat with Jan Mickelson is making more waves:

A state senator is organizing a boycott of businesses that advertise during Jan Mickelson’s WHO-AM talk-radio program.

His first target: Toyota of Des Moines, even though he drives a vehicle purchased from the dealership.

“It’s the last one I’m ever going to own, that’s for sure,” Sen. Matt McCoy, a Democrat from Des Moines said Wednesday.

Mickelson said during a broadcast last month that some AIDS education efforts destigmatize the “stupid behavior” of homosexuality. He likened AIDS to lung disease, cirrhosis of the liver and heart disease.

via State senator targets Mickelson’s advertisers because of comments on homosexuality | The Des Moines Register.

Personally, I am generally not a fan of secondary boycotts.  I think one should target the person who engages in the offensive conduct and not the people who do business with such a person.  However, Jan Mickelson is broadcast on one of the most powerful AM stations in the country and his broadcast reaches almost the entire state.  Boycotting him is not likely to do much any time soon.  Boycotting his advertisers is probably more effective in this case.

What is more important is that efforts like this give more opportunity to confront the lies that build gay-hatred.


Written by JamesEJ

Friday, September 3, 2010 at 12:06 am

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