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Branstad dabbles in anti-gay prejudice.

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In Iowa, Democrats have fairly good records of fiscal responsibility.  Republicans have generally failed to advance any significant conservative social agenda.  It makes for pretty balanced politics in the state.

So, what tips the balance?  This does:

A Republican takeover in the Iowa House next year would apply sufficient pressure to force both houses of the Legislature to pass a measure allowing Iowans to vote on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, Republican candidate for governor Terry Branstad said Thursday.

via Branstad: If GOP takes Iowa House, there will be a gay marriage vote.

Simply put, I am proud to live in a state that protects families of every sort.  I think gay parents should be held responsible for their children just as straight parents are held responsible.  I think gay partners should be able to rely on one another just as do straight partners.  I believe these bonds should be defended with the force of law.

While I also support pro-natal policies, it is clear from the low fertility rate among straight couples that this problem is not one of sexuality, but of other factors.  Moreover, gay women have children all the time and gay men use surrogates to achieve the same results.  We can have a pro-natal policy that recognizes these facts.

So, this tips the balance for me.  Republicans want to break apart families where the married couple is the same-sex.  That’s damaging to Iowa families, endangers the welfare of Iowa children, and is a violation of the basic civil rights of Iowans.


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Friday, July 9, 2010 at 6:59 pm