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The American Revolution and Haym Solomon

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Haym Solomon - Son of Liberty

Haym Solomon - Son of Liberty

Jews have many reasons to celebrate the Fourth of July.  Most notably, America is undoubtedly the freest place in the world when it comes to religious tolerance.  Jews thrive in America for this reason, and despite occasional problems with antisemitism, live freer lives than almost anywhere in the world.

But, there is another reason for Jews to be proud.  Haym Solomon, a Polish-American Jew who was an active member at the Sephardi congregation Mikveh Israel, was among the founders of this great country.  According to the National Park Service, which operates an excellent site on the American Revolution:

He seems to have been drawn early to the Patriot side and was arrested by the British as a spy in 1776. He was pardoned and used by the British as an interpreter with their German troops. Salomon, however, continued to help prisoners of the British escape and encouraged German soldiers to desert. Arrested again in 1778, he was sentenced to death, but managed to escape to the rebel capital of Philadelphia. (link)

Haym Solomon was an early inspiration for me.  Indeed, I created a CafePress store, Hebrew American,  in large part as a creative outlet to for my strong identity as both an American and a Jew.  If you like the graphic to the right, which was among my first designs, and want to buy it on apparel or other items, you can do so here.


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