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Karl Rove is a tool. Protesters are major tools.

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I just checked out the protest of Karl Rove here at the IMU at the University of Iowa. I went to document any anti-Semitic signs or messages. To their credit, the UI Antiwar Committee appears to have suppressed such messages. Last year, they were not so effective. At a major antiwar protest, one protester carried a sign that blamed the Jews for 9/11. Oops!

The normal entrance to the main ballroom where the event was to be held was reserved for protesters. Attendees had to enter using the main entrance. Entering that way, attendees had to walk through a narrow gauntlet lined with protesters. The protesters were pretty lame and their signs and chants were too. It isn’t hard to attack someone like Karl Rove. People like me who can find value in conservative politics find none of it in Karl Rove. Only those narrow Republican partisans really like him, and then, only because he can get people elected.

What disappointed me most is the lecture committee. Last year, when Jimmy Carter came to visit, I worked with Hillel to get some table space at Carver-Hawkeye Arena, where he was speaking. We were given a flat “no.” and were relegated to handing out leaflets outside. We did not want to protest, but we did want to present information critical of Jimmy Carter’s recent attack on Israel.

I suppose that the Lecture Committee didn’t worry about whether a bunch of Jews would be disruptive and was comfortable pushing us off. The Committee was apparently more interested in appeasing a group of loudmouths with a history of attracting Jew-haters. What a bunch of cowards.


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Sunday, March 9, 2008 at 9:02 pm

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